An Independent Western Cape — We owe it to our children!

It is Friday morning, and the icy greyness of the Cape Town winter has somehow nested in my soul. For the first time in my thirty-eight years of existence, I have lost hope. For the first time in my life I fear tomorrow.

It has been nearly sixteen weeks since lockdown started and already hundreds of business owners had to permanently close their doors. Thousands of breadwinners, black, brown, and white alike had to face their families and tell them that they can no longer provide. No longer can we afford home loans or a car. No longer can we…

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2020 -The year that will forever be remembered as the year of ‘taking care of me’. The year where less, literally became more, gratitude managed attitude and saving became the new ‘lit’.

The world-wide-pandemic caused massive market volatility, job and income losses continue to compile, and most individuals experience some form of financial stress. The latter fueling the age old question: “How do I become financially free?”.

So what can you do to get ahead, get a handle on your finances and see your money grow? Educate yourself. Learn, learn and repeat! That is if, first hand advice from Mr…

Jinger Green

Jinger Green is a Freelance writer, copywriter, editor and lifestyle fanatic. She uses her expert knowledge to write content that is sure to attract and engage.

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